29 April, 2021

The Basque Government approves the Inter-institutional Entrepreneurship Plan 2024

  • It projects a direct investment of 259 MM and an additional 130 MM for all stages of the entrepreneurial process

  • Euskadi leads the 2020 impact Hub Index that measures the quality of entrepreneurship ecosystems in the whole of the Country

The Governing Council has given the green light to the Inter-Institutional Entrepreneurship Plan of Euskadi 2024 and responds to the mandate established in Law 16/2012, of June 28, of the Basque Parliament. The Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment has drawn up the new plan for the period between 2021 and 2024 and the importance of the Plan, at the present time, is reflected by its own name: PIE 2024 Transforming Our Economy-Roadmap of the Basque Entrepreneurship.

A Country Plan in public-private and inter-institutional collaboration

It is an interinstitutional, interdepartmental plan and open to the collaboration of public and private agents. All the Basque Government Departments, the three Provincial Councils, the Town Councils of the three Basque capitals, EUDEL and GARAPEN have participated in its preparation as representatives of the rest of local entities and development agencies, as well as the main public-private and private agents. (financial, investors, business, educational and social agents) that support entrepreneurship in the Basque Country on a daily basis.

There are already more than 100 public and private agents who, at the autonomous, territorial, county and local level, promote and support entrepreneurial projects at all stages of their maturation. It is a public-private network that is more complete, dynamic, connected and valued by the entrepreneurial community itself.

An ecosystem with a proven foundation and results

We can say that our ECOSYSTEM today presents a battery of multidisciplinary capacities at the service of entrepreneurship. A set of professionals, services, financing, networks, infrastructures, support and dissemination programs, etc., based on a robust and reliable regulatory, fiscal and institutional framework. Without forgetting the importance of having a business, industrial and technological fabric and a society with high levels of training and cohesion, as the origin and destination of multiple new entrepreneurial initiatives. Special attention deserves the more than 779 NEiBTs (new innovative technology-based companies) created in the last 8 years (3,422 jobs) in sectors such as industry, ICT, biosciences-health and energy.

It covers all groups, types and stages of the entrepreneurial process, from micro-entrepreneurship to innovative technology-based entrepreneurship, without forgetting the generation of an entrepreneurial culture in the new generations and the positioning of the Basque Country as an attractive place to undertake.

PIE 2024: 11 challenges + 9 AXES + 35 priority challenges + 776 actions

  1. The PIE 2024 presents the commitment to support entrepreneurship by the main public agents of the CAPV, as a shared effort for the economic and social transformation of the Basque Country, and which proposes 11 challenges for our ecosystem by 2030:
  2. Entrepreneurship as a Country priority
  3. Smart Industry Specialization
  4. New entrepreneurial missions
  5. Renewal of the economic fabric and employment “Cantera” of entrepreneurial talent
  6. “Construction” of high potential projects
  7. Private public co-investment
  8. Taxation at the service of entrepreneurship
  9. Positioning as a pole of technological-industrial entrepreneurship
  10. Ecosystem sophistication
  11. Adaptation to complexity and uncertainty

Within the framework of the challenges to 2030, a list of 35 priority challenges of the Basque ecosystem for the period 2021-2024 is proposed, aimed at increasing its resilience, articulating support processes and dynamics more effectively, and making the most of the potential of the entrepreneurship as a lever for recovery in the coming years. In addition, 9 Lines of Action are collected (Culture and Values; Human Capital; Sources of Entrepreneurship Ideas; Access to Financing and Investment; Market Access; Processes, Services and Support Programs; Taxation and Facilitating Regulations; Intelligent Infrastructures; Ecosystem) , 41 Lines of Work and 776 actions (of which 87% will be developed in collaboration between 2 or more agents of the ecosystem).

With the aim of making the most of and extending this collaborative dynamic, the promoters of PIE 2024 undertake to launch an additional battery of new possible joint projects, arising from the reflections and contributions collected during the process of preparing this plan. Some of these projects are: creation of an Advisory Council for the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem; Map of the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem or a Synthetic Indicator of Evolution of the Basque Ecosystem.

The implementation of a governance in which all the institutions of the Basque Autonomous Community participate in a common Advisory Council will make the interoperability platform foreseen in the recently approved Digital Transformation Strategy 2025 more effective, and enable entrepreneurs to They can streamline their administrative procedures and achieve, for example, that the constitution of a new company is carried out within 48 hours.

Budgetary reinforcement with direct and indirect financing of 389 million euros

In 2021, the budget directly linked to the Plan is 70.23 million euros, 22% more than in 2020. This confirms the inter-institutional commitment to strengthen entrepreneurship as a lever for an economic reactivation that generates quality employment, especially in sectors of opportunity and under more sustainable and collaborative models. Additionally, in the Basque Country there is an annual expense of more than 33 million euros (data from 2018) corresponding to deductions, exemptions and other tax measures directly related to entrepreneurship and applied by the Basque Provincial Taxes in Personal Income Tax and Corporation Tax. . The extrapolation of the Plan to the whole of the XII Legislature would suppose an economic effort of 389 million with the allocation of an approximate total budget of 259 million euros, to which would be added 130 million euros, approximately, of fiscal aid.

Euskadi, at the top in the 2020 Index of Impact Hub

It is noteworthy that a recent study on the quality and impact of entrepreneurship ecosystems at the state level (Impact Hub 2020 Index), places Araba in first place, Gipuzkoa third and Bizkaia sixth. It is a multidimensional analysis, which uses the 17 United Nations SDGs as a framework and emphasizes the importance of public policies to strengthen these networks, as well as the need for a quality entrepreneurial environment that drives the economy from resilience and sustainability. This study is a new test of the quality of our network. And also an incentive to continue promoting its evolution in a collaborative and coordinated way.