5 April, 2024

Ekintzaile and Barnekintzaile 2024 regulations published

Do you have an innovative idea and want to turn it into a company? Then you are interested in knowing the Ekintzaile 2024 program, an entrepreneurial aid that offers financial support and expert advice to make your project viable and successful.

The new edition of the Ekintzaile and Barnekintzaile entrepreneurship aid program, which opened on Wednesday, April 3, will have a budget of €1.7M. If you want to start an innovative company or need funding to do so, apply by December 11.

The aid provides financial support of up to 30,000 euros and 18 months for the maturation of an innovative business idea and/or technological base, with the support of one of the Basque BICs, in our case with us.

The beneficiaries of the aid may be natural persons or innovative and/or technology-based start-ups, as well as companies analysing the viability of an intra-entrepreneurship or diversification project.

Eligible costs include the following:

  • Business and specific training.
    External consultancy and technical assistance costs.
    Prospecting studies and documentation.
    Fair attendance, commercial prospecting trips.
    Production of models and prototypes.
  • If you have a project with possible fit in the Ekintzaile or Barnekintzaile Program you must contact us to analyze the project and if necessary process the request.

We leave the regulations below:

It is important to stress that receiving aid can provide validation and credibility to the business project. Financial support and recognition of an entity or institution supported by aid can increase the confidence of investors and potential customers.

If the company you want to create is an innovative and/or technology-based, preferably industrial and/or industry-related services, Ekintzaile is the help you need.

Submit your application by December 11 and contact us if you have any questions. It is your opportunity to create your innovative company with the best possible support.