19 April, 2024

Finamik: The financial planning, analysis and reporting software for entrepreneurs and startups

Finamik, a project supported by BIC Araba, is the result of an intrapreneurship process in the company Innobide, a consultancy specialized in the management of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship programs for public institutions and private entities.

It arose with the objective of providing entrepreneurs and startups with a tool that allows them to create and analyze their economic-financial plan for a company in an agile, intuitive and professional way, without the errors and frustrations associated with the use of Excel.

This solution offers users the ability to invite collaborators to their projects, export in various formats, annotate, customize everything, and create and compare scenarios. In addition, it provides graphs, reports on financial health and, of course, includes essential functionalities such as profit and loss analysis, treasury management and balance sheet.

Finamik is designed to serve three main user groups:

  • Entrepreneurs and Startups: Here you will find all the resources necessary to develop a solid and professional financial plan, essential for submitting applications for grants, financing or investment.
  • CFO’s and Controllers: For them, Finamik represents the perfect alternative to obsolete Excel templates. Through digitalization, they manage to improve the efficiency of their processes in financial planning and analysis.
  • Investors and Financial Entities: With Finamik, you have the possibility of standardizing the format in which you receive financial reports and access the data necessary to analyze financial management and make comparisons between different companies.

It is possible to create your first project for free and find more information at, and stay up to date with all the news by following their linkedin profile.

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