28 February, 2022

The Basque Country presents its entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and its digital capabilities at the Mobile World Congress

  • Basque industry 4.0 companies, 16 startups and agents of the Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem “UPEuskadi” will meet from February 28 to March 3 at 4YFN, the international startup congress within MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona.
  • 5 startups from Alava will participate in 4YFN: Bigda Solutions, Data Value Management, Autentica, Inovako and Youkast.

The Basque ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation “UpEuskadi” is present from today in one of the main international entrepreneurship events, the so-called 4YFN (Four Years From Now) integrated into the largest World Congress of the Mobile sector, Mobile World Congress (MWC) that It is celebrated from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona.

Basque industry 4.0 companies, 16 startups and agents from the Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem, together with representatives of the Basque Government and the SPRI Group, will represent the Basque Country as one of the reference hubs for technology startups with more than 900 emerging companies in a meeting that brings together to startups, investors and companies from all over the world with the aim of connecting and promoting new business projects at an international level. The Basque Country will have an UpEuskadi exhibition stand.

Within the framework of this event and at said stand, the Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, will present a new interactive open access platform, inserted in UpEuskadi, which brings together information from the entire Basque entrepreneurship ecosystem and has more than 900 start-ups.

The counselor, invited by the management of the Mobile World Congress, will participate in the round table of Digital Leaders that brings together leading public and private agents worldwide. This Forum brings together influential leaders from all sectors to discuss the opportunities to expand the adoption of mobile technologies such as 5G and its applications, as well as help strengthen partnerships to accelerate the arrival of digital transformation. Another of the most important milestones on the mission’s agenda is the meeting that the Minister will hold with Jordi Puigneró i Ferrer, Vice President and Minister of Digital Policies and Territory, in which Arantxa Tapia will present the Euskadi 2025 Digital Transformation Strategy, approved a less than a year, and areas of collaboration in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity or 5G will be identified.

In addition, and together with the heads of the main European mobile operators (Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, Telia Company and Vodafone), the minister will share the work carried out in the ECORATING initiative, created by the Basque public company IHOBE, which evaluates environmental performance of mobile phones throughout their entire life cycle –production, transport, use and disposal at the end of their useful life– and culminates with a final score already applied by the main smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Basque startups at Mobile World Congress

In addition, during the 4YFN meeting integrated into Mobile World Congress, all the initiatives of the Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem will be shown at the Up! Euskadi exhibition stand and 16 technology startups will exhibit their disruptive projects, in which they apply artificial intelligence, Big Data and analytics artificial vision, additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality, E-learning or Machine learning, among other technologies, to develop cutting-edge innovative solutions. In addition, the latest technological solutions that have been launched by different startups of the Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem will be presented at a conference in real environments of driving industrial companies of the BIND 4.0 program.

The startups that will present their technologies and projects at 4YFN are:

BigDa Solutions

Data Value Management


Naru Intelligence Solutions



Veris Behavior

FIT Learning Systems








Lex Program

The new platform for Up! Euskadi

The new online data platform, which has been developed in collaboration with Dealroom, will offer up-to-date information on the entire ecosystem of startups in the Basque Country to facilitate data management and enhance their visibility, as they are represented on one of the leading international platforms . This initiative reinforces the commitment of the Basque Government to support entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in the Basque Country, through the Interinstitutional Entrepreneurship Plan PIE 2024.

Presentation of BIND 4.0 at an international event

Among the different initiatives of the SPRI Group and Up! Euskadi, is BIND 4.0, the largest open innovation platform for smart industry, which has been running since 2016, and which in its six editions has accelerated more than 130 startups and developed more than 200 open innovation projects, exceeding 7 million euros in turnover. It is a public-private initiative that favors innovation and digital transformation through collaboration between startups and large benchmark companies in the sector.

As indicated above, to learn more about the success of this international initiative, the Minister Arantxa will explain this BIND 4.0 model of collaboration between companies and startups, accompanied by one of the 65 leading companies of BIND 4.0, Unilever, and the startup Alumni Bigda Solutions.

Agenda at MWC and 4YFN of Up! Euskadi and BIND 4.0

March 1st

9_00 a.m. – Participation in the “Digital Leaders” Round Table by the Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia, in conference room

11. 30h – Presentation of the Up! Euskadi platform, with the Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia, at the Up! Euskadi stand in HALL 6 – STAND 6D4A.

14:15 Meeting organized by GSMA for the presentation of the ECORATING initiative together with managers from GSA, Telefónica and Orange. Stage B, Hall

15. 00h – Presentation “BIND 4.0 – Discovering the best Startups in Industry 4.0” on the Beta Lab stage.

March 2

10:00h – Panel “What works and what doesn’t in collaboration and work between companies and startups: Key points and recommendations for success” with the Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia, accompanied by representatives of companies from the BIND 4.0 community Unilever and Bigda Solutions.

11:00 p.m. – Euskadi-Catalonia bilateral meeting. The Minister Arantxa Tapia and Jordi Puigneró i Ferrer, Vice President and Minister of Digital Policies and Territory will meet to analyze and share the good practices of the strategies and plans that both Governments are deploying in the field of Digital Transformation, at the stand of the Generalitat of Catalunya