Viability grants

Entrepreneurship in Álava

Grant for creation

Up to 80.000€

Individual promoters with a project to create a new business unit. Alava companies wishing to diversify their activity. Companies or promoters with headquarters outside Alava that implement a center of activity in our Territory. Companies from Alava that are already established and have a maximum age of two years on the date of submission of the application.


Supporting the creation of new companies in Álava, a line has been added to help companies in their consolidation and business expansion processes by granting subsidies to those entities that contribute to the modernization, diversification and competitive improvement of the Alava productive fabric.

Intended for

New companies: Natural persons from Alava with a project to create a new business unit. Natural or legal persons from Alava with a maximum seniority of two years from the beginning of the activity or its incorporation to the date of the application. Alava legal persons who wish to diversify their activity, presenting a specific project to create a new business unit. Natural or legal persons with headquarters or activity outside Álava who move / establish a center of activity in the Territory.

Consolidation and expansion Natural or legal persons with an activity center in operation in Álava who have been beneficiaries of aid from the Emprender en Álava program in the last four years (2018-2021) in the phase of creating new companies and have a minimum of one job and one maximum of ten (excluding promoters).


New companies are eligible for a subsidy of up to € 80,000.00. While in “Consolidation and expansion” the subsidy can be up to € 20,000.00 (Maximum of € 10,000 in personnel hiring).

Eligible expenses

New companies:  Market and / or feasibility studies. Reports, studies and specific technical advice related to the project. Expenses derived from the design and construction of prototypes (limit € 10,000.00). Initial expenses for the application, granting and registration of patents, approvals, utility models and trademarks (limit € 10,000.00). Attendance to specific technical courses (<350 hours) and directly related to the activity, as long as they are not included within the existing offer in regulated training (limit € 3,000.00). Communication expenses linked to the eligible project (limit € 20,000.00). • Other investments in fixed assets, except land, buildings and vehicles.

Consolidation and expansion:  Advice and external consultancy work, including legal ones. Technical studies. Communication expenses (limit € 10,000.00). Management improvement training (<350 hours). Fixed acquisition aimed at increasing production and competitiveness. • Expenses for hiring a technologist or business developer.

Deadline for application

Open (until March 1, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.)

Normative (Spanish):

More information

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