Financing grants

Industrial Cybersecurity

Grants to promote Industrial Cybersecurity

Up to 18.000 €

Industrial companies and companies of technical, design and logistics services, linked to the industrial product-process.


Promote Industrial Cybersecurity, especially projects that address the convergence and integration of protection systems against cyberattacks for IT / OT (Information Technology / Operational Technology) environments in industrial companies and in technical, design and logistics services companies, linked to the product -industrial process.


The maximum annual subsidy per beneficiary company to support the consulting-engineering, hardware and software costs associated with the project will be 18,000 euros for the performance of one or more eligible actions throughout the year.

Eligible expenses

  • Consulting, engineering, hardware and software expenses and / or investments that meet the following requirements will be considered as eligible expenses and / or investments:
    • Made by external expert companies. 
  • For projects that contemplate the implementation of management applications in SAAS-type format, the cost attributable to this type of service may also be considered as an eligible expense, for a maximum period of 12 months.
  • The Value Added Tax charged on the invoice will not be considered an eligible expense.
  • Work carried out by the applicant himself, the consultant’s travel expenses, the preparation of teaching materials and the rental of rooms, allowances and the like will not be considered eligible expenses and investments.  These expenses must appear separately in the concept of the invoices.


  • Industrial companies and technical, design and logistics service companies, linked to the industrial product-process, will be able to access the aid contemplated in this program.
  • The parent companies of the industrial groups located in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country will also be able to access, if they so request, provided that as a whole they comply with the characteristics of the previous paragraph, taking into account their consolidated economic situation.

Deadline for application

Open until 11/26. 


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