29 November, 2023

Kernova launches its “Smart Eco-Motion Kit”

Kernova launches its “Smart Eco-Motion Kit”
Kernova, an Alava startup located in BIC Araba, has launched a revolutionary product called “Smart Eco-Motion Kit”. This kit represents a significant advance in the field of engineering and sustainability, as it allows hydraulically powered machinery to be converted into a completely electromechanical system.

This development not only promises to be more energy efficient, but also reduces noise levels and eliminates waste production, aligning with current trends towards greener and more sustainable solutions.


Smart Eco-Motion Kit Highlights

  1. Electromechanical Conversion: The kit uses a patented technology developed by Kernova to transform hydraulic machinery into electromechanical.
  2. Services Offered: Includes feasibility analysis, selection of customized KRN series, engineering design for adaptation, validation with FEM tools, and reprogramming and automation.
  3. Key Benefits:
  • Almost zero maintenance and wear parts replacement programming.
  • Energy savings of at least 35%.
  • Simplification of maintenance and start-ups (“Plug and Play”).
  • Noise levels less than 70Db.
  • It does not produce waste, being a more sustainable solution.
  • More compact design with fewer components.

About the Founders

  • Lorenzo Viti trained in Civil Engineering and specialized in structural calculation and finite element analysis. Viti has worked mainly in the automotive sector, providing innovative solutions in finite element dynamics.
  • Oliver Bieito, graduated in Industrial Engineering and specialized in mechanics. With experience in the United Kingdom and Spain, he has led projects in the energy, industrial and recycling sectors.

Projects and Clients

Kernova has worked on several innovative projects, including the design and validation of a maintenance unit for skyscrapers in New York, the development of a water economizer, and the validation of a patented agrivoltaic tracker. In addition, they have collaborated in the validation of the 22KW BMW i4 Gen6 battery charger.


Patents and Future

Kernova is in the process of obtaining Spanish and European patents for its technology for converting hydraulic to electromechanical machinery. This innovation puts Kernova at the forefront of sustainable engineering, offering solutions that not only improve energy efficiency but also reduce environmental impact.


Link to the video of the patented electromechanical drive part of the SMART ECO-MOTION KIT