30 May, 2024

The Campus accelerator of video games evolves in GAME.EUS, a firm bet for the creation and retention of local talent and for the impulse of the sector in Araba and Euskadi

-The new program transforms the four years of experience of the F2P Campus into an intensive five-week initiative, which expands the platforms and the business model to be developed among the participating teams and prioritizes its Basque origin

-The teams have until 16 June to submit their applications, among which the 5 best proposals will be selected

-The event will be held in Vitoria-Gasteiz, at the headquarters of EUNEIZ University between 1 July and 1 August


The video game accelerator campus, held in the last four years in Vitoria-Gasteiz, is transformed into its fifth edition in GAME.EUS, a firm commitment to the creation and retention of local talent and the promotion of this sector in the Basque Country. The new program culminates the four years of experience of the F2P Campus now converted into an intensive five-week initiative, which expands the platforms and business model to develop among the participating teams and prioritizes their Basque origin. With this rethinking, the fifth edition of a consolidated campus begins, which from today to 16 June opens the deadline for submission of applications, among which the five best proposals will be selected.

The initiative, promoted by the Álava Provincial Council and the Basque Government under the direction of the EUNEIZ Foundation, has placed Araba and Euskadi on the map of the video game industry, With this new approach, it redoubles its efforts to turn this sector into a pole of attraction for talent and wealth generation in the Basque territory. In fact, the main objective of this program is to prepare teams of Basque developers, who have a video game advanced enough, to participate in Gamescom, the largest and most important fair in the sector in Europe. 

GAME.EUS arises from the need to support small teams of indie developers as a fundamental strategy to strengthen the video game industry in the Basque Country. David Darnés, director of this programme, financed by the Provincial Council of Álava and the Department of Culture of the Basque Government, coordinated by BIC Araba and sponsored by the Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Euneiz University, stresses that the priority is to create a new industrial fabric by professionalising small teams in order to obtain funding, promote their growth and generate employment. “The mission of the program is to provide knowledge and resources to these micro-enterprises, which are usually composed of only creative profiles, to improve their efficiency in terms of development and production, providing them with a business vision that allows them to maximize their business opportunities,” explains Darnés from the EUNEIZ Foundation.

The program will have individual mentorships, by national and international industry experts, which will focus mainly on business aspects, such as the development of a Business Plan (business plan), improving communication skills and preparing a good presentation. The campus will culminate with a Demo Day on August 1, leading up to the opportunity to showcase their work at Gamescom, where they can establish key contacts and explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The Deputy for Economic Development and Innovation, Saray Zarate said that “This campus is an initiative that is part of the Council’s firm commitment to consolidate in Araba a future industry such as video games; a sector that combines creativity, technology and innovation and is a clear opportunity to generate activity economic, employment and talent in the Territory”

GAME.EUS will be held, for the third consecutive year, at the headquarters of the EUNEIZ University in Vitoria-Gasteiz between July 1 and August 1. During the five weeks that make up the program, the teams will receive training and personalized advice with the aim of professionalizing the production process of the teams, instilling them with a business mentality, help them to obtain funding and/or publishing and encourage the legal constitution of video games studios in the Basque Country.