4 March, 2021

KILKER: The electric scooter to enjoy the road

Kilker, the ultimate high quality e-scooter brand, has officially launched its 2 new models in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The company is focused on creating a concept of mobility that meets the challenges of the 21st century.  Kilker e-scooters are designed to address the problems faced by today’s modern life in areas of mobility, pollution, traffic congestion, sustainability, planned obsolescence and durability to deliver a superior electric scooter, unmatched by most other competitive products.

They are  launching 2 different models: Zero (urban model) and Mendi (mountain model).  

The e-scooters are made with the best quality materials and components: aluminium or carbon steel frame, beech wood, shimano brakes, aluminium, 16” schwalbe tires… a combination that ensures comfort, safety and durability. 

To achieve the maximum durability Kilker’s e-scooters are handcrafted to reach a perfect adjustment, taking care of every single detail to maximise comfort and safety without compromising the design. 

Kilker is a brand that from its beginning has compromised to inspire a positive change, by creating electric scooters designed with a sustainable approach, against planned obsolescence and with a long lasting lifetime. 

When we compare our Kilkers with the scooters in the market we see some clear differences.

  • Responsible manufacturing
  • + durability
  • Repairable (standard components)
  • Made in EU
  • More stable (large wheel, long wheelbase)
  • Safer (large wheel, large diameter double brake)
  • Less weight (vs. competitors with same wheel size)
  • More comfortable: adjustable handlebar, large platform and good brake feel 

Visit Kilker’s Kickstarter page to learn more about Kilker Mobility and pre-order the e-scooters.


If you have any questions or interview requests feel free to contact us at: info@kilkermobility.com

Product features:

→ 50 km of autonomy

→ 2.5 hour fast charge

→ 16” wheels for a smooth ride

→ Shimano double hydraulic disc brake

→ 600W maximum power motor

→ 12.5 Kgs of weight

→ 150Kg maximum weight

→ Water resistant

→ Aluminium (Zero) / Carbon steel frame (Mendi)

→ Anti-puncture tires

→ Adjustable handlebar height

→ 5 speed modes