12 July, 2021

A smart way to get back to normal

Smart Passport is designed to allow businesses to verify the health credentials of employees, customers, concert or sporting event goers, and travelers who enter a site based on their own criteria. Here privacy is the key. This digital wallet allows people to maintain control of their personal medical information and share it in a secure, verifiable and reliable way to whom it is requested.

How does Smart Passport work?

At E Process Med, we have developed the Smart Passport application in collaboration with the SPRI Group, the Department of economic development, sustainability and the environment of the Basque Government, Spain. It focuses on a service that allows users to upload the results of any Covid-19 test, performed in a certified laboratory, to their phones. If the results are negative, the application generates a QR code that the authorities can verify before flights and border crossings, or access to any facility or venue that requires it. Smart Passport can also share vaccine information by accessing only a minimal amount of personal data, without compromising or revealing other underlying health information.

Field tests
In June we have carried out a new field test of our application. The scenario selected for this analysis was Ecuador, more precisely in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. This could be carried out thanks to the collaboration and the signing of an agreement with EP-CONST and with the Municipal Board of Social Inclusion of Santo Domingo, within the framework of the Pilotu call. The results could not be more favorable.

Thanks to blockchain technology, it was possible to verify and authorize the access of the sample universe to the requested sector in real time. Avoiding delays, paperwork, and especially crowding of people.

Smart Passport becomes a hybrid cloud solution comprised of the following:

  • Cloud services to address basic credential generation, exchange, and verification requirements.
  • Mobile and cloud software to accelerate solution development

It is built on a cloud platform and meets the required security and privacy regulatory requirements.

What organizations could Smart Passport serve?

As we have found, Smart Passport is designed to help securely control access. As people return to their presence at work or at public events, organizers or companies should be able to assess the risk of COVID-19 in their institutions, while protecting the privacy of attendees. This tool can be key for airlines, stadiums, concerts and other large companies.

If you answer “yes” to any or all of the following questions, we recommend that you contact our sales team for a consultation.

  1. Have you been affected by different Covid-19 outbreaks in your business? Do you want to introduce secure control measures in your workplace, while prioritizing the privacy of your employees and customers?
  2. Are you looking for ways to create verifiable health credentials, in a way that preserves privacy?
  3. Are you concerned about the collection of personally identifiable information (PII), whether for reputational or regulatory reasons?