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Seeking for 14 UPV/EHU

Arabacampus students to participate in workshops at CERN in Geneva


The CBI@Basque Country University Araba Campus program offers 14 UPV/EHU Arabacampus students with an entrepreneurship mindset; a unique opportunity to join in the day-to-day work of research teams participating in challenges at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.


What is the universe made of? How did it start? Physicists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, are seeking answers, using some of the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerators.

Image: ©CERN

About CERN IdeaSquare and CBI@Basque Country University. Araba Campus

IdeaSquare is a CERN facility promoting synergies between society and scientific community. There, students are introduced to cutting edge technologies developed by CERN physicists and researchers, searching for potential partnership in applying the technology to future prototypes.

CBI is one of the corner stone activities of IdeaSquare@CERN and it is pilot project aimed at demonstrating the impact of fundamental research on our daily lives. During the CBI@Basque Country University Araba Campus program, the students participation is in the form of a project assignment aimed at building a concept prototype with an end user focus, inspired by the CERN environment. The projects in which the teams of students will be involved during the two weeks, will be related to solve any of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), covering social and economic development issues including poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment and social justice.

These projects will be jointly developed with another selected group of students from Israel and Finland, as well as CERN experts.


When will the program be held?

During a week period, between November 16th and November 23rd, at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland

All the travel, accommodation and meal expenses are non-cost for the participants.



Fill this form and upload a recorded video with your CV resume. It can be humorous or serious – you choose. The goal is to introduce yourself, highlights of your qualifications and work experience, and explaining where you would like to work in the future… it’s as simple as that. Entrepreneurial attitude / experience will be highly valuated. In the video, you should also explain which UN Goal Challenge you would like to face at this program and what do you expect from participating.

  • Limited to 3 minutes.
  • Forms and videos must be submitted by 13th September 2019. Organizers reserve the rights to conduct interviews.
  • Winners will be announced in October 2019.


Requirements to participate:

  • Knowledge of English: level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Students enrolled during the course 2019/2020 throughout PhD, Master or last year of degree at UPV/EHU Araba Campus. If you are a student from Álava but you are studying in another UPV/EHU campus you can also participate.

Students selection criteria:

  • Academic Transcript.

  • Studies: Art, Economics, Business, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Design or any other studies will be also considered.

  • Entrepreneurial attitude.

  • Communication skills.

  • Personal motivation and commitment.

And if I win, what comes afterwards?

  • In October, before the students attend the CBI@Basque Country University Araba Campus program, teams will be assembled mixing students from different disciplines and with students from Finland and Israel.

  • Teams will hold separate skypes to get introduced to each other and will receive assessment about the CBI@Basque Country University Araba Campus program and what will be expected.

  • Participating at CBI@Basque Country University Araba Campus program from November 16th and November 23rd, at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Obtain 2 ECTS for participating in the program.


INIZIA Arabacampus (UPV/EHU Arabacampus in collaboration with BIC Araba) with the support of INEUSTAR (Asociación de la Industria de la Ciencia).

Further information


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