Promoting businesses
Detecting and helping company start-ups that contribute to Alava’s economic development


  • Feasibility studies
  • Collaboration in the search for economic, technological and training resources
  • Advice for processing public funds
  • Technical, production and financial support
  • Innovation management

Entrepreneurial training

We train and provide management support for the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow while improving their qualifications and quality.


Choice of sites:
Physical space available in pavilions and offices for developing new, innovative business activities

BIC Araba supports businesses and business projects that:

are innovative, defined in the broadest possible sense (innovative processes, products, commercial strategy, etc…).
are highly qualified in general, as regards (individual or group) promoters and staff.
are created and partially or totally owned by existing companies or individual promoters

Contribute added value in one of the following sectors:

Industrial: through creating new products and processes
Services: in the fields of engineering, design, research or development